Dear Little Lily…

Welcome to Lilospito

Welcome to Lilospito

“Lilospito” has been transformed into the sweetest little house, ready to welcome you with affection, love, respect and an open embrace that will make you feel unique and safe in our hands. Every day we will try to make you smile, express yourself freely and relax… We will be by your side as you discover yourself and the world around you, so that you can grow into the special and great person you feel you are inside!

Since 2013, we have created a warm nest for children’s first steps outside their family. We’re here to help you get the strongest wings and learn to fly high, high, high on the journey of life and knowledge. And when you fall, we will teach you to get back up with courage and keep going even stronger!

We are proud

that every year you choose us!

Our Classes

Our Classes

Children's Activities

Environmental programs, Visual Arts, Music Education, Music Education, Drama, English, New Technologies, Music and Movement Education, Experiential and Recreational Games, Projects, Language and Math Games, Educational Excursions, Events, Open Courses, Charity Activities, Parades, Sports, Dance, STEAM, Robotics!

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